Biplane Restoration Project Biplane Restoration Project Original Oldfield Logo 204687927 Ready to be stripped of fabric 204687928 Jim Waldron Removing fabric 204687929 Scott Sullins Repairing wing ribs 204687930 Phillip Beeson working on disasembly 204687932 Ed Strickland Removing wing covering 204687933 Gary Livesey working on wing 204687934 Fuselage preparation 204687935 Wing repair 204687936 Jerry Latvala repairing spar 204687937 Ed Strickland preparing leading edge of wing 204687938 Shelly Bennett removing wing fabric 204687939 Preparing to paint the fuselage 204687940 Beginning re-assembly 204687941 Ready for painting 204687942 Phillip Beeson inspects primer coat 204687943 Ray Vaarrassee Gary Livesey masking 204687944 Simple cockpit instrumentation 204687945 Finished tail 204687946 Close attention to detail 204687947 Ready for re-covering 204687948 Steve Gray supervises re-assembly 204687949 Finished product 204687950 Finishing detail work 204687951 Hanging Proudly Golden Isles Aviation 204687952 Almost re-assembled 204687953 WOW! Beautiful biplane 204687954 Hung with pride 204687955